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honest truthful or sincere. [4 definitions]
honestly in an honest manner; openly; forthrightly. [2 definitions]
honest-to-goodness (informal) true; actual; authentic.
honesty the fact or condition of being honest; integrity; truthfulness. [2 definitions]
honey a thick, sweet, yellowish or brownish fluid made from flower nectar by bees. [6 definitions]
honeybee a bee, often kept in beehives, that makes honey from the nectar of flowers.
honeycomb a structure of beeswax having many small, six-sided, thin-walled cells in which bees store their honey. [4 definitions]
honeydew a sweet, sticky substance that various insects such as aphids deposit on plant leaves. [2 definitions]
honeydew melon a melon having smooth light-green rind and esp. sweet, green flesh.
honeyed endearing, flattering, or ingratiating; sugary. [3 definitions]
honey locust a North American tree having long, beanlike pods with sweet pulp, delicate foliage, and thorny branches.
honeymoon a vacation or trip taken by a couple to celebrate their marriage. [4 definitions]
honey pot any of certain worker ants whose bodies store a honeylike food that will be used by the entire colony. [3 definitions]
honeysuckle a shrub or vine with fragrant and often sweet-tasting white, yellow, or pink tubular flowers.
Hong Kong a region of southeast China containing Hong Kong Island as well as many other islands and the adjacent mainland. Hong Kong was a British colony from the 1840s until 1997 when it was reverted to Chinese rule as a "Special Administrative Region." While it is a part of China and controlled by the Chinese government on all matters related to defense and foreign affairs, Hong Kong operates with a great deal of autonomy, with its own legal system, police force, immigration policy, and currency.
Honiara the capital of the Solomon Islands.
honied variant of honeyed.
honk the harsh, resonant sound made by a goose. [5 definitions]
honky (derogatory slang) a white person.
honky-tonk a noisy, cheap dancehall, bar, or nightclub. [3 definitions]
Honolulu the capital of Hawaii.