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hook and ladder a fire engine carrying extension ladders, hooked tools, and other equipment; hook-and-ladder truck.
hooked curved or shaped like a hook. [4 definitions]
hooker1 a type of fishing boat with a single mast, used off the Irish and English coasts. [2 definitions]
hooker3 (slang) a prostitute.
hooker2 one that hooks.
hook, line, and sinker (informal) without any question or hesitation; completely.
hooknose a nose that has a prominent outward curve; aquiline nose.
hook shot in basketball, a shot made, with the body sideways to the basket, by the far hand arcing the ball over the head.
hookup an arrangement or system, as of electrical circuits and equipment designed to operate together. [3 definitions]
hook up to connect to a system or power source. [3 definitions]
hookworm a parasitic bloodsucking worm with hooks around its mouth with which it attaches itself to human and animal intestine walls. [2 definitions]
hooky (informal) illegal absence; truancy (usu. prec. by "play").
hooligan a rough, reckless, troublemaking person; hoodlum; ruffian.
hoop a large ring of wood, plastic, or metal, such as that used as a child's toy or for an animal to jump through. [7 definitions]
hoopla (informal) noisy, excited activity or commotion. [2 definitions]
hoopoe a bird with plumage of a marked design, an erect, fanlike crest, and a long, thin, slightly curved bill.
hoop skirt a long, full skirt, fashionable in the eighteenth century, that was made to bell out by hoops worn beneath.
hooray variant of hurrah.
Hoosier (informal) a nickname for a native or resident of the state of Indiana.
hoot to utter a loud, harsh shout or cry, esp. of disapproval or scorn. [7 definitions]
hootenanny (informal) a social gathering at which participants engage in folk singing and sometimes dancing.