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hookworm a parasitic bloodsucking worm with hooks around its mouth with which it attaches itself to human and animal intestine walls. [2 definitions]
hooky (informal) illegal absence; truancy (usu. prec. by "play").
hooligan a rough, reckless, troublemaking person; hoodlum; ruffian.
hoop a large ring of wood, plastic, or metal, such as that used as a child's toy or for an animal to jump through. [7 definitions]
hoopla (informal) noisy, excited activity or commotion. [2 definitions]
hoopoe a bird with plumage of a marked design, an erect, fanlike crest, and a long, thin, slightly curved bill.
hoop skirt a long, full skirt, fashionable in the eighteenth century, that was made to bell out by hoops worn beneath.
hooray variant of hurrah.
Hoosier (informal) a nickname for a native or resident of the state of Indiana.
hoot to utter a loud, harsh shout or cry, esp. of disapproval or scorn. [7 definitions]
hootenanny (informal) a social gathering at which participants engage in folk singing and sometimes dancing.
hooves a plural form of hoof.
hop1 to make a short, springy leap or series of leaps. [7 definitions]
hop2 a tall, climbing vine having lobed leaves and bearing green cone-shaped flowers. [3 definitions]
hope to desire (something) to be true or to happen while accepting the possibility of it not being true or not coming to pass. [6 definitions]
hope chest a chest, trunk, or the like into which a young woman puts items such as clothing and household articles toward anticipated needs as a wife or homemaker.
hopeful feeling or expressing hope. [3 definitions]
hopefully in a hopeful manner. [2 definitions]
hopeless giving no grounds to be hopeful that a desired thing will happen; beyond hope. [3 definitions]
hophead (slang) a drug addict.
Hopi a member of a tribe of Pueblo American Indians of northeastern Arizona. [2 definitions]