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horrendous horrible; dreadful; hideous.
horrible causing or tending to cause a feeling of horror; dreadful. [2 definitions]
horrid causing or tending to cause horror; dreadful; hideous. [2 definitions]
horrific causing terror; dreadful; horrifying.
horrified feeling intense fear, shock, or revulsion.
horrify to cause feelings of horror in; frighten, shock, or appall.
horrifying causing extreme fright or revulsion.
horror an overpowering and painful feeling of fear, shock, dread, or revulsion. [5 definitions]
horror-struck overwhelmed by horror or fright.
hors de combat (French) out of action; no longer able to fight; disabled.
hors d'oeuvre any of various appetizers, usu. served before a meal.
horse a large, four-legged mammal, having short hair, hoofs, a mane, and a long tail, domesticated and used for riding and heavy work. [10 definitions]
horse around (informal) to engage in frivolous or boisterous play.
horseback the back of a horse. [2 definitions]
horsecar a streetcar pulled by a horse or horses. [2 definitions]
horse chestnut any of a family of large, full trees bearing large fingerlike leaves, flowerclusters, and smooth, brown, inedible nuts encased in spiny husks. [2 definitions]
horseflesh the flesh of a horse. [2 definitions]
horsefly any of numerous large, bloodsucking flies that typically collect around horses, cows, and the like.
horsehair the hair of a horse, esp. when taken from the mane or tail. [2 definitions]
horsehead fiddle a Mongolian stringed instrument played with a bow, having a box-shaped body and a neck ending in a carving of a horse.
Horsehead nebula a dark nebula located in the constellation Orion.