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hot seat (informal) a trying circumstance or situation that causes one extreme discomfort, embarrassment, criticism, or the like.
hot spot (informal) a region of social or political unrest, potential violence, or the like. [4 definitions]
hot spring a natural, usu. mineral spring having water warmer than body temperature.
hotspur (cap.) in Henry IV by William Shakespeare, a fierce, impetuous warrior. [2 definitions]
hot-tempered having a short temper; easily angered.
Hottentot a people or member of a people of southern Africa thought to be related to the Bushmen and the Bantus. [3 definitions]
hot tub a large round tub, usu. of wood and often outdoors, used recreationally, as by several persons soaking together in hot water.
hot under the collar (informal) very angry or upset.
hotwalker one who walks racehorses after they have finished a race or workout, in order to cool them off.
hot war actual military combat; open warfare. (Cf. cold war.)
hot water (informal) a troublesome situation; dangerous circumstance; difficulty; predicament (usu. prec. by "in," "into" or the like).
hot water bottle a soft container made of rubber that you fill with hot water. It is used to put heat on a sore or cold part of your body.
hot-wire (informal) to start (an automobile or the like) by crossing or connecting the ignition wires, rather than by using a key.
hound a member of any of various breeds of hunting dogs, esp. one that has short hair, a deep voice, and long, drooping ears. [6 definitions]
hound's-tooth check a pattern of jagged checks used esp. in material for clothing.
hour a unit of time equal to sixty minutes. [5 definitions]
hourglass an instrument that measures time by channeling a quantity of sand or mercury through a narrow opening between two larger glass bulbs in exactly one hour. [2 definitions]
hour hand the shorter hand on a watch or a clock, which moves around the entire face twice a day and indicates the hour.
houri a beautiful young woman. [2 definitions]
hourlong lasting an hour.
hourly done or occurring every hour. [5 definitions]