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House Un-American Activities Committee a committee of the U.S. House of Representatives (1938-75) created to investigate organizations and individual Americans suspected of being subversive or disloyal to the country. (abbr.: HUAC)
housewares household equipment, esp. kitchen items such as appliances and utensils.
housewarming a party given to celebrate moving into a new home.
housewife a married woman whose primary occupation is managing the cooking, cleaning, and other necessary duties of her family's household.
housework the tasks of housekeeping, particularly cleaning and caring for items inside the house.
housing a shelter or dwelling; lodging. [4 definitions]
housing project a publicly funded and administered housing development, usu. for low-income families.
hove a past tense and past participle of heave.
hovel a small, uncomfortable, often dirty dwelling. [2 definitions]
hover to stay suspended in the air, often by rapid fluttering, spinning, or the like. [4 definitions]
Hovercraft trademark for a vehicle able to move rapidly across land or water on air that is produced by powerful fans blowing downward from the craft.
how by what manner or means. [10 definitions]
how about what is your desire about having or doing.
how come (informal) why is it that.
how'd (informal) contracted form of "how did," or contracted form of "how would."
howdah a seat, usu. equipped with a railing and canopy, designed for riding on the back of an elephant or camel.
howdy hello; how are you (an expression of greeting).
however in spite of that; yet; but (used to point out the contrast between or opposition of ideas in a sentence or between adjacent sentences). [5 definitions]
howitzer a cannon that has a short barrel and is used for firing shells at high angles of elevation and low speeds.
howl to utter or make a long, loud, mournful sound like that of a wolf or dog. [8 definitions]
howler any person or thing that howls. [3 definitions]