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Huang He River a major river originating in the mountains of western China and flowing mostly eastward toward the Bohai Sea; Yellow River.
huarache a flat Mexican sandal characterized by an upper made of woven leather strips.
hub the rotating center part of a wheel or similar device to which other parts, such as spokes, are connected. [2 definitions]
Hubbard squash a winter squash that has a yellow or green rind and yellow flesh.
hubbub a confusing mix of loud sounds, esp. voices; uproar. [2 definitions]
hubby (informal) husband.
hubcap a removable round metal cover over the hub of a motor vehicle wheel.
hubris the pride associated with arrogance; pride considered as sin.
huckaback a coarse, durable, and absorbent linen or cotton fabric, used esp. for toweling.
huckleberry any of various low berry-bearing shrubs common in North America and related to the blueberry plant. [2 definitions]
Huckleberry Finn the protagonist and title character of a late nineteenth-century novel by Mark Twain.
huckster (informal) one who writes advertising or promotional material, often of an extravagant or misleading type. [4 definitions]
HUD abbreviation of "Housing and Urban Development."
huddle to gather in a small, close group. [8 definitions]
Hudson Bay a large body of saltwater in Canada bordered by the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba, as well as by the territory of Nunavut. It is considered an inland sea and is linked with both the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.
Hudson seal muskrat fur that is dyed and sheared to look like seal.
hue1 any of the variations of color that occur at points on the spectrum; color as distinguished from shades of gray. [3 definitions]
hue2 a clamor or outcry, as of pursuit. (See hue and cry.)
hue and cry a public outcry of alarm, protest, or the like.
huevos rancheros (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a Mexican dish of fried eggs topped with a spicy tomato sauce and often other ingredients.
huff a state of resentment or bad temper; offended, angry mood. [3 definitions]