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human of, relating to, or characteristic of mankind. [5 definitions]
human being a person; human.
humane showing compassion in treating one's fellow creatures; kind; merciful. [2 definitions]
human immunodeficiency virus the retrovirus that causes the disease AIDS by infecting and destroying T cells in the immune system; HIV.
humanism a doctrine or mode of thought that gives highest importance to human dignity, values, potentials, and achievements. [2 definitions]
humanist one who studies human nature and human affairs. [3 definitions]
humanitarian characterized by concern for improving the welfare of humanity. [3 definitions]
humanity the race of human beings; mankind. [4 definitions]
humanize to endow with human values and qualities. [2 definitions]
humankind humans collectively; the human race or species.
humanly within human abilities and capacities. [2 definitions]
human nature mental and emotional characteristics shared generally by all members of humankind. [2 definitions]
humanoid having humanlike qualities of structure and appearance. [2 definitions]
human resources having to do with the people who work for a business. [2 definitions]
human rights rights regarded as inherently belonging to all human beings, such as the rights to life, freedom, and dignity, and that supersede the rights of nations and governments.
humble not prideful or pretentious; modest. [6 definitions]
humble pie formerly, a pie made from the inner parts of a hog or deer.
Humboldt Current a cold current of the Pacific Ocean flowing north along the coasts of Chile and Peru.
humbug something intended to deceive; fake; fraud; hoax. [8 definitions]
humdinger (informal) one that is excellent or remarkable.
humdrum lacking variety; dull, monotonous, and commonplace. [2 definitions]