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huh used to express surprise, astonishment, skepticism, contempt, or indifference. [3 definitions]
hula a Polynesian dance characterized by rotating hip movements and an expressive pantomime with the arms.
hulk a bulky shell of a ship, either old and unseaworthy or abandoned to other uses. [3 definitions]
hulking awkwardly large; bulky; unwieldy.
hull1 the outer shell or covering of various fruits, nuts, and seeds. [3 definitions]
hull2 the rigid frame and outer shell of a ship. [2 definitions]
hullabaloo the loud sounds of excited voices; uproarious din; clamor. [2 definitions]
hullo variant of hello.
hum to vibrate with a continuous low sound; drone. [7 definitions]
human of, relating to, or characteristic of mankind. [5 definitions]
human being a person; human.
humane showing compassion in treating one's fellow creatures; kind; merciful. [2 definitions]
human immunodeficiency virus the retrovirus that causes the disease AIDS by infecting and destroying T cells in the immune system; HIV.
humanism a doctrine or mode of thought that gives highest importance to human dignity, values, potentials, and achievements. [2 definitions]
humanist one who studies human nature and human affairs. [3 definitions]
humanitarian characterized by concern for improving the welfare of humanity. [3 definitions]
humanity the race of human beings; mankind. [4 definitions]
humanize to endow with human values and qualities. [2 definitions]
humankind humans collectively; the human race or species.
humanly within human abilities and capacities. [2 definitions]
human nature mental and emotional characteristics shared generally by all members of humankind. [2 definitions]