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husbandman a farmer.
husbandry the cultivation of land and raising of crops and farm animals; farming. [3 definitions]
hush used as a request or command to be quiet (sometimes fol. by "up"). [6 definitions]
hushed quiet, often out of caution, nervousness, or respect.
hush-hush (informal) not to be revealed; confidential; secret.
hush money (informal) money paid as a bribe to keep a person from revealing something such as a scandalous or criminal act.
hush puppy a small cake or fritter of deep-fried cornmeal batter.
husk a usu. dry outer covering of some seeds and fruits, esp. of an ear of corn. [3 definitions]
husking bee a gathering of family, friends, or neighbors to husk corn, usu. held as a party or celebration with other festivities included; cornhusking; husking.
husky1 big and strong; muscular. [3 definitions]
husky2 (often cap.) a dog of a strong, thick-furred breed developed to pull sleds in arctic regions.
hussar a member of any of various European cavalry regiments.
hussy an immoral or lewd woman. [2 definitions]
hustings (used with a sing. or pl. verb) any place, or the places, where a political candidate goes to campaign for office.
hustle to work or go swiftly or vigorously. [10 definitions]
hustler (informal) an aggressively ambitious person.
hut a small dwelling or shelter, often made of grass, mud, logs, and the like. [2 definitions]
hutch a pen or shelter, esp. for a small animal such as a rabbit. [4 definitions]
huzoor a Hindu term of respect akin to "sir."
huzzah hurray! (used to express approval, joy, appreciation, or encouragement).
hwy. abbreviation of "highway," a main road, esp. a major public road on which one can drive at high speeds, esp. between cities.