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hypertension abnormally high blood pressure, esp. the diastolic pressure, or the arterial disease characterized by it.
hypertext markup language a computer language used to create documents on the World Wide Web. (abbr.: html)
hyperthermia abnormally high body temperature.
hyperthyroidism abnormal overactivity of the thyroid gland, which results in high metabolism and bulging of the eyeballs if unchecked.
hypertonic in chemistry, (of a solution) having a higher osmotic pressure than another solution. [2 definitions]
hypertrophy an abnormal growth or enlargement of some body part, esp. such growth because of enlargement rather than proliferation of cells. [2 definitions]
hypertypical combined form of typical.
hyperventilate to breathe more rapidly and deeply than normal.
hyperventilation unusually rapid and deep breathing that causes a loss of carbon dioxide from the blood and can lead to dizziness or fainting.
hypervigilance combined form of vigilance.
hypervigilant combined form of vigilant.
hypervirulent combined form of virulent.
hyperviscosity combined form of viscosity.
hypha one of the stringlike vegetative parts of a fungus such as a mushroom.
hyphen a sign (-) used to join the parts of a compound word or to divide a word between syllables, as at the end of a line.
hyphenate to write, connect, or divide with a hyphen. [2 definitions]
hyphenless combined form of hyphen.
hypno- sleep. [2 definitions]
hypnoid of or relating to hypnosis or sleep.
hypnology the study or science of sleep and hypnosis.
hypnosis an induced sleeplike condition characterized by increased susceptibility to suggestion. [2 definitions]