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hyphenate to write, connect, or divide with a hyphen. [2 definitions]
hyphenless combined form of hyphen.
hypno- sleep. [2 definitions]
hypnoid of or relating to hypnosis or sleep.
hypnology the study or science of sleep and hypnosis.
hypnosis an induced sleeplike condition characterized by increased susceptibility to suggestion. [2 definitions]
hypnotherapy treatment of disorders or disease by hypnotism.
hypnotic of or pertaining to hypnotism or hypnosis. [7 definitions]
hypnotism an act or the science of inducing hypnosis. [2 definitions]
hypnotist a person who is skilled in the theory and practice of hypnosis as used for medical purposes or for entertainment.
hypnotize to induce a hypnotic state in. [3 definitions]
hypo1 sodium thiosulfate; hyposulfite.
hypo2 (informal) a hypodermic needle or injection. [3 definitions]
hypo- under; beneath. [2 definitions]
hypoallergenic unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.
hypoblast see "endoderm."
hypocalcemia an abnormally low level of calcium in the blood.
hypochlorite a salt or ester of hypochlorous acid.
hypochlorous acid a weak acid found only in solution or in its salt form, used for oxidizing, bleaching, and disinfecting.
hypochondria a pathological preoccupation with the likelihood of becoming ill or with imagined pains or diseases.
hypochondriac of or relating to the condition of hypochondria. [3 definitions]