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-ial a variant of -al1.
iamb in metric verse, a foot of two syllables in which the first is short and the second long, or the first unstressed and the second stressed.
iambus variant of iamb.
-ian a variant of -an.
-iana variant of -ana.
-iasis a process or condition, esp. a harmful or pathological one.
-iatric of or relating to (such) a type of healing or medical treatment.
-iatrics science or practice of medical treatment; healing.
iatrogenic caused by a physician or medical treatment, esp. from drugs or surgery.
-iatry medical care; healing.
I-beam a steel beam, used for construction, whose cross section resembles the capital letter I in shape.
Iberia a peninsula occupied by Spain and Portugal; Iberian Peninsula.
ibex any of a variety of mountain goats of Eurasia and North Africa, esp. those that have long, backward-curving horns.
ibid. abbreviation of "ibidem" (Latin); in the same place; in the same book, page, or the like.
ibidem in the same place (Latin); in the same reference previously cited (used in footnotes and bibliographies to indicate that a citation comes from the same book, article, page, or the like as the previous citation). (abbr.: ibid.)
-ibility variant of -ability.
ibis any of a variety of large wading birds that have long, slender, downward-curving bills.
-ible variant of -able.
-ibly variant of -ably.
ibuprofen a type of pain-killing drug used esp. in the treatment of arthritis, and marketed as an alternative to aspirin.
-ic associated with; of; like. [5 definitions]