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ice water a drink consisting of water and ice cubes or crushed ice.
I Ching an ancient Chinese book of divination that employs chance and is based on the idea that each moment in time is unique for each person; Book of Changes.
ichneumon a carnivorous mongoose, native to Egypt, that resembles a weasel. [2 definitions]
ichneumon fly any of various winged, wasplike insects whose larvae live as parasites in other insect larvae; ichneumon wasp.
ichor a watery, acrid discharge from an ulcer, wound, or the like. [2 definitions]
ichthyo- fish.
ichthyologist one who studies fish.
ichthyology the scientific study of fishes.
ichthyosaur any of an extinct variety of marine reptiles that had four flippers, a dolphinlike head, and a vertical caudal fin, and that ranged in length from four to forty feet.
ichthyosaurus an ichthyosaur.
-ician one who specializes in or practices.
icicle a tapered spike of ice formed by the freezing of dripping water.
icing a sweet glaze for coating or decorating baked goods, esp. cakes; frosting.
ick used to express distaste or disgust. [2 definitions]
icky disagreeably sticky or unpleasant. [2 definitions]
icon an image, representation, or symbol. [4 definitions]
iconic being a clear symbol or representative of something and generally regarded with reverence or high esteem. [3 definitions]
icono- image; likeness.
iconoclast one who attacks and seeks to break down traditional beliefs and institutions or popular ideas and values. [2 definitions]
iconoclastic attacking or breaking away from established traditions, beliefs, or values.
iconography the representation of meanings, esp. conventional ones, by visual symbols or images. [3 definitions]