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idealization a depiction or representation of something in a perfect or more perfect form, as opposed to the way it is in reality. [2 definitions]
idealize to conceive or represent in an ideal form; raise to an ideal level; consider to be ideal. [2 definitions]
idealless combined form of ideal.
ideally in conformance with an ideal; perfectly. [2 definitions]
ideate to form a thought or idea of; imagine. [2 definitions]
idée fixe (French) a fixed idea or obsession.
idem (Latin) the same as that previously mentioned (used in footnotes and bibliographies to indicate that a citation comes from the same book, article, page, or the like as the previous citation).
identical the same; being the same entity. [3 definitions]
identical twin either of two twins formed from the splitting of one zygote, or fertilized egg, and sharing the same genotype at birth.
identification the act of identifying a person or thing. [3 definitions]
identify to determine or prove the identity of (someone or something). [4 definitions]
identity the unique and entire set of characteristics that make up what a person or thing is known or considered to be. [4 definitions]
identity crisis a period of distress of confusion about one's role, goals, character, or the like, esp. occurring in adolescence, because of conflicting expectations from parents, peers, or the like. [2 definitions]
identity theft the crime of taking on the identity of another by discovering and appropriating identifying information such as social security and credit card numbers.
ideo- idea.
ideogram a written character or symbol that represents an object or idea without spelling out particular words. [2 definitions]
ideological of or concerning basic beliefs, concepts, and social and political aims of an individual, group, or institution; of or concerning ideology.
ideologist an expert in ideology.
ideologue one who strongly advocates a particular ideology.
ideology the body of beliefs, symbols, and political and social aims that characterizes a particular group or institution.
ideomotor in psychology, of or denoting an unconscious physical motion that is stimulated by an idea.