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imitable capable of being imitated.
imitate to follow the manner or pattern of; attempt to resemble; mimic. [2 definitions]
imitation the act or an instance of imitating. [4 definitions]
imitative tending to imitate or copy. [3 definitions]
immaculate free from any dirt or stain; completely clean. [3 definitions]
Immaculate Conception the Roman Catholic doctrine that the Virgin Mary was conceived and born free of original sin.
immaculately with perfect neatness or cleanliness.
immanent existing within; inherent. [3 definitions]
Immanuel in the Old Testament, the symbolic name of the Messiah as prophesied by Isaiah, often identified with Jesus Christ by Christian interpreters.
Immanuel Kant a German philosopher (b.1724--d.1804).
immaterial not having relevance or importance; irrelevant. [2 definitions]
immature not yet fully developed or mature; juvenile. [2 definitions]
immeasurable impossible to measure; without limit.
immediacy the condition or quality of being immediate; directness.
immediate happening without delay; instant. [4 definitions]
immediately without delay; promptly. [3 definitions]
immemorial reaching back in time beyond memory or record.
immense extremely large or vast. [3 definitions]
immensely in a great degree; very; extremely.
immensity great distance or extent. [3 definitions]
immerse to put deeply into or cover with liquid; submerge. [3 definitions]