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imitative tending to imitate or copy. [3 definitions]
immaculate free from any dirt or stain; completely clean. [3 definitions]
Immaculate Conception the Roman Catholic doctrine that the Virgin Mary was conceived and born free of original sin.
immanent existing within; inherent. [3 definitions]
Immanuel in the Old Testament, the symbolic name of the Messiah as prophesied by Isaiah, often identified with Jesus Christ by Christian interpreters.
Immanuel Kant a German philosopher (b.1724--d.1804).
immaterial not having relevance or importance; irrelevant. [2 definitions]
immature not yet fully developed or mature; juvenile. [2 definitions]
immeasurable impossible to measure; without limit.
immediacy the condition or quality of being immediate; directness.
immediate happening without delay; instant. [4 definitions]
immediately without delay; promptly. [3 definitions]
immemorial reaching back in time beyond memory or record.
immense extremely large or vast. [3 definitions]
immensely in a great degree; very; extremely.
immensity great distance or extent. [3 definitions]
immerse to put deeply into or cover with liquid; submerge. [3 definitions]
immersion an act or instance of immersing or being immersed, or the condition of being immersed. [2 definitions]
immersion heater an electric coil or rod used to heat liquid while immersed in it.
immigrant one who moves permanently to another country from his or her native land. (See migrant.) [2 definitions]
immigrate to take up permanent residence in a place or country to which one is not native. [2 definitions]