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imperil to put at risk; endanger.
imperious like or in the manner of an absolute ruler in expecting obedience; domineering. [2 definitions]
imperishable not subject to death, destruction, or decay; lasting.
impermanent not permanent or lasting.
impermeable not permitting passage or penetration.
impermissible not to be permitted; unallowable.
impersonal without reference or connection to any person. [5 definitions]
impersonalize to make impersonal.
impersonate to act or assume the character of; pretend to be (another real or fictitious person or type of person).
impertinence rudeness or insolence in action or speech. [3 definitions]
impertinent rude or impudent. [2 definitions]
imperturbable not easily excited or disturbed; calm.
impervious not allowing penetration or passage. [3 definitions]
impetigo an infectious skin disease, esp. among children, marked by pustules that erupt and form thick crusts, esp. on the face.
impetuosity the state or condition of being impetuous. [2 definitions]
impetuous sudden and impulsive. [2 definitions]
impetus something that urges or impels; a driving force. [2 definitions]
impiety lack of reverence or respect, esp. for what others consider sacred. [2 definitions]
impinge to strike or collide with something (usu. fol. by "on" or "upon"). [3 definitions]
impious lacking in reverence or respect; irreverent.
impish of or like an imp, esp. in behavior or appearance; mischievous.