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importunate urgent or stubbornly persistent in making a demand or request.
importune to pester with insistent demands or requests. [3 definitions]
importunity the quality or condition of being persistently demanding. [2 definitions]
impose to institute or establish as something to be fulfilled or borne. [3 definitions]
impose on to intrude upon without invitation or at an unsuitable time. [2 definitions]
impose upon to intrude on or cause inconvenience to (someone) without invitation or at an unsuitable time. [2 definitions]
imposing overwhelming in size or character; demanding attention; impressive.
imposition something assigned or demanded, such as a duty, burden, or requirement. [4 definitions]
impossibility the state or quality of being impossible. [2 definitions]
impossible not able to happen, exist, or be done. [3 definitions]
impossibly in an impossible way. [3 definitions]
impost a tax or duty, such as a customs fee. [2 definitions]
impostor one who defrauds or deceives by pretending to be another person.
imposture the act or practice, or an instance of deceiving by taking on a false identity.
impotence the condition or trait of being impotent; weakness; ineffectiveness. [3 definitions]
impotency impotence.
impotent lacking strength, effectiveness, or capability. [3 definitions]
impound to shut up or confine (an animal) in a pound. [3 definitions]
impoverish to make poor; cause to live in poverty. [2 definitions]
impoverished poor or caused to become poor; lacking in the essentials of life.
impracticable not capable of being put into practice or carried out.