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impudence the act or condition of being impudent; insolence. [2 definitions]
impudent tending to cause anger or irritation in others by bold disrespect.
impugn to call into question; challenge or try to discredit.
impugnable combined form of impugn.
impulse a spontaneous or sudden desire that may move one to action. [5 definitions]
impulsion the act of impelling or the state of being impelled. [3 definitions]
impulsive motivated by spontaneous wishes and needs rather than careful thought. [3 definitions]
impunity exemption or immunity from harm, esp. punishment or retribution, as a result of one's actions or words.
impure mixed with or contaminated by other things, esp. of inferior quality; adulterated or polluted. [3 definitions]
impurity the state or condition of being impure. [2 definitions]
imputation attribution to a source or cause. [2 definitions]
impute to ascribe or attribute to a source or cause. [2 definitions]
-in1 any of various chemical substances or minerals, including certain proteins, enzymes, antibiotics, and pharmaceuticals. [2 definitions]
-in2 organized public activity of (such) a type, often as a means of demonstrating approval or protest.
In symbol of the chemical element indium.
IN abbreviation of "Indiana," a Midwestern U.S. state between Illinois and Ohio.
in used to indicate inclusion within a space or area. [12 definitions]
in. abbreviation of "inch," or "inches," a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot or 2.54 centimeters.
in-1 in; on; into. [2 definitions]
in-2 not; without.
-ina used to form feminine names, titles, descriptions, and the like. [2 definitions]