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inland of, concerning, or situated in the part of a country or region away from seacoasts or in the interior. [3 definitions]
Inland Revenue the government office responsible for assessing and collecting taxes in the UK (prec. by "the").
in-law a relative by marriage.
inlay to set pieces of (wood, metal, ivory, or the like) into a surface to form an ornamental design. [5 definitions]
inlet a bay, stream, or the like that is recessed into or leads inland from a shoreline. [3 definitions]
in lieu of instead of; in the place of.
in-line skate a roller skate consisting of a boot with wheels attached in a single line down the middle of the sole.
in-line skating rollerskating on in-line skates for recreation or to display skilled moves.
in loco parentis (Latin) in place of a parent; acting for or as a parent.
in love the condition in an adult of having a very strong physical and emotional attraction to someone and a strong desire to be with that person; the condition of feeling romantic love.
inmate someone who is restricted to a jail, hospital, or the like.
in medias res (Latin) in the middle of things; starting in the middle, rather than at the beginning of a series of events, as a narrative.
in memoriam in memory of; as a memorial to.
in-migrant a person or animal that migrates into another part of the same country or territory. [2 definitions]
in miniature in a much smaller or reduced size.
in moderation without excess; temperately.
inmost furthest in or deepest; innermost.
in mothballs out of active use; in long-term storage.
inn a small hotel that caters especially to travelers. [2 definitions]
innards (informal) the internal organs and parts of an animal; viscera. [2 definitions]
innate belonging to or existing in someone or some organism from the time of birth; inborn. [3 definitions]