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incandescence the giving off of light by an object or substance heated to a high degree. [2 definitions]
incandescent giving off light as a result of heating. [3 definitions]
incandescent lamp a lamp or light bulb in which a filament is made to glow by electric current.
incantation the words or sounds that are uttered or chanted as part of a magical ritual or spell, or the act of uttering such words or sounds. [3 definitions]
incapable lacking in skill; incompetent. [4 definitions]
incapable of not having the ability or capacity to or for. [2 definitions]
incapacitate to deprive of power, ability, or strength; disable. [2 definitions]
incapacity lack of ability, power, or strength; lack of capacity; inability. [2 definitions]
Incaparina an inexpensive protein food used esp. in Latin America to prevent diseases caused by protein deficiencies.
incarcerate to confine in or as if in a prison; imprison. [2 definitions]
incarnadine a flesh-pink color. [3 definitions]
incarnate having bodily form; personified. [5 definitions]
incarnation the act of incarnating or condition of being incarnated. [3 definitions]
incase variant of encase.
in case if it happens that; if.
incaution lack of caution; rashness.
incautious lacking caution; rash or imprudent.
incendiary causing or having the potential to cause a fire. [7 definitions]
incense1 any gum, wood, or other aromatic substance that produces a pleasant odor when burned. [4 definitions]
incense2 to make extremely angry; enrage.
incense cedar a large cypress tree of western North America that has reddish bark and pungent flat scalelike leaves.