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incarnadine a flesh-pink color. [3 definitions]
incarnate having bodily form; personified. [5 definitions]
incarnation the act of incarnating or condition of being incarnated. [3 definitions]
incase variant of encase.
in case if it happens that; if.
incaution lack of caution; rashness.
incautious lacking caution; rash or imprudent.
incendiary causing or having the potential to cause a fire. [7 definitions]
incense1 any gum, wood, or other aromatic substance that produces a pleasant odor when burned. [4 definitions]
incense2 to make extremely angry; enrage.
incense cedar a large cypress tree of western North America that has reddish bark and pungent flat scalelike leaves.
incenter the center of an inscribed circle, which is a circle is that touches all sides of a polygon.
incentive something that motivates one to work or act. [3 definitions]
inception the start or beginning of something; outset.
inceptive incipient, beginning, or initial. [3 definitions]
incertitude lack of confidence or certainty; doubt.
incessant never ceasing; continual.
incest sexual intercourse between people too closely related to legally marry.
incestuous of, involving, or guilty of incest.
inch a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot or 2.54 centimeters. (abbr.: in.) [3 definitions]
in chancery involved in litigation before a chancery court. [2 definitions]