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incredulity the state of refusal to believe.
incredulous in a state of skepticism, wonder, or disbelief. [2 definitions]
increment a rise or addition in number or value, often small. [3 definitions]
incriminate to indicate the possible involvement of (someone) in a criminal or immoral act; implicate. [2 definitions]
incrust variant of encrust.
incubate to keep (eggs) warm until time to hatch. [5 definitions]
incubation the act or process of incubating, or the state of being incubated. [2 definitions]
incubator a temperature-controlled apparatus in which ideal conditions are maintained for the recovery of sick or premature infants. [3 definitions]
incubus an evil spirit in male form that is said to have sexual intercourse with women as they sleep. (Cf. succubus.) [3 definitions]
incudes pl. of incus.
inculcate to implant in someone's mind by earnest and frequent repetition; instill (usu. fol. by "in"). [2 definitions]
inculpable free of guilt or blame.
inculpate to charge with or involve in a charge of wrongdoing; incriminate.
incumbency the quality or condition of being incumbent. [3 definitions]
incumbent currently holding an office or position. [4 definitions]
incunabula existing copies of books printed or made before 1500. [3 definitions]
incunabulum a book produced before the first days of printing with movable type, around 150l. [2 definitions]
incur to become liable for or bring upon oneself (usu. some unwanted or harmful consequence).
incurable that cannot be cured. [2 definitions]
incurious feeling or showing no curiosity or interest.
incursion a raid or sudden invasion. [2 definitions]