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indecipherable not able to be deciphered.
indecision inability or unwillingness to make a decision.
indecisive not definite or conclusive. [2 definitions]
indecorous improper or unbecoming; lacking in taste.
indecorum absence of decorum. [2 definitions]
indeed without any question or doubt; truly; in fact. [2 definitions]
in deep water having great difficulties or trouble.
indefatigable not subject to fatigue; untiring.
indefeasible not capable of being annulled, voided, or terminated.
indefensible not capable of being morally justified; inexcusable. [3 definitions]
indefinable not capable of being defined or described.
indefinite lacking clear definition or limits; vague, undecided, or indeterminate.
indefinite article in English grammar, either of the articles "a" and "an," which do not restrict the nouns or noun equivalents that they modify, but serve to indicate the class to which such modified words belong. (Cf. definite article.)
indefinite pronoun in grammar, a pronoun, such as "someone," that does not specifically identify its referent.
indehiscent not opening at maturity to release its seeds, as certain fruits.
indelible incapable of being removed or obliterated; permanent. [2 definitions]
indelicacy the state or quality of being indelicate. [2 definitions]
indelicate lacking tact or taste; offensive or vulgar.
indemnification the act of indemnifying. [3 definitions]
indemnify to make compensation to for loss, damage, or expense incurred. [2 definitions]
indemnity insurance against damage, loss, or liability. [3 definitions]