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indirect tax a tax not levied on those who ultimately bear the cost, such as a tax on a manufacturer that is passed on to the consumer through higher prices.
indiscernible difficult to detect or perceive.
indiscreet lacking judgment, prudence, or restraint, esp. in regard to the rights or feelings of other people.
indiscretion lack of judgment, prudence, or restraint, esp. in regard to the rights or feelings of other people. [3 definitions]
indiscriminate lacking in judgment and discernment; making no distinctions. [2 definitions]
indispensable absolutely necessary; essential. [2 definitions]
indispose to cause unwillingness or disinclination in; make averse. [3 definitions]
indisposed slightly and temporarily ill, as with indigestion or a cold. [2 definitions]
indisposition the condition of being physically indisposed; illness, usu. minor. [2 definitions]
indisputable not subject to being disputed or denied; unquestionable.
indissoluble that cannot be broken apart or undone; firm and lasting. [2 definitions]
indistinct not clearly defined or delineated; vague; blurred. [2 definitions]
indistinguishable without distinguishing marks or characteristics. [2 definitions]
indite to put (a speech, story, or the like) into words or writing.
indium a chemical element that has forty-nine protons in each nucleus and that occurs as a very soft silvery metal, often used for plating other metals and glass for mirrors. (symbol: In)
individual single, distinct, or separate. [5 definitions]
individualism a theory that stresses the rights, liberties, and independence of the individual. [2 definitions]
individualist a person who thinks and acts with great independence.
individuality the aggregate qualities and characteristics of an individual, esp. those that make him or her distinctive. [2 definitions]
individualize to make distinct, unique, or suited to a particular person or thing. [2 definitions]
individually in a unique and distinctive way. [2 definitions]