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inefficient using excessive time or means to produce or achieve results; wasteful; uneconomical. [2 definitions]
in effigy using an effigy or replica of someone, rather than the actual person.
inelastic not yielding or stretching; inflexible. [2 definitions]
inelegance the state or quality of being inelegant. [2 definitions]
inelegant without taste, grace, or refinement; not elegant.
ineligible not qualified to hold an office or position. [3 definitions]
ineluctable impossible to be avoided; inescapable.
inept lacking skill or aptitude; incompetent. [3 definitions]
ineptitude incompetence; lack of skill.
inequality the condition of being unequal, esp. in natural endowments or social or economic status. [5 definitions]
inequitable not equitable; biased; unfair.
inequity lack of fairness; injustice. [2 definitions]
inequivalent combined form of equivalent.
ineradicable impossible to wipe out of existence, memory, or the like; not eradicable.
inert without ability to move, act, or offer resistance. [3 definitions]
inert gas any of a group of chemical elements, such as helium and neon, that seldom form compounds with other elements and that are gases at room temperature.
inertia the condition of being inert; motionlessness; inactivity. [2 definitions]
inertial guidance guidance of a missile, spacecraft, submarine, or the like by means of a self-contained automatic system that measures and adjusts speed and direction to maintain a predetermined course.
inescapable unable to be avoided or ignored.
in escrow in the keeping of a third party until the conditions have been met that will allow transferal to the intended recipient.
inessential not necessary; unimportant. [2 definitions]