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inexpiable impossible to expiate or atone for, as certain crimes.
inexplicable unable to be explained or interpreted.
inexpressible incapable of being expressed or described in words.
inexpressive lacking or not showing expression.
in extenso (Latin) at full length.
inextinguishable unable to be extinguished, quenched, or suppressed.
in extremis (Latin) in extremity; under extreme circumstances or at the point of death.
inextricable that one cannot free oneself from. [3 definitions]
in fact in reality; really; truly; indeed.
infallible incapable of error. [3 definitions]
infamous having, deserving, or causing a bad reputation; notorious or shameful. [2 definitions]
infamy evil or shameful reputation. [3 definitions]
infancy the first months of a child's life; very early childhood. [2 definitions]
infant a child in the first months of life, esp. before he or she can walk. [3 definitions]
infanta the daughter of a Spanish or Portuguese king, or the wife of his son who is not heir to the throne.
infante a son of a Spanish or Portuguese king who is not heir to the throne.
infanticide the murder of an infant. [2 definitions]
infantile like or suitable to an infant, esp. in behavior; babyish or childish. [2 definitions]
infantile paralysis poliomyelitis.
infantilism an abnormal condition of an adult marked by the persistence of immature mental and physical development and behavior, including lack of sexual maturation. [2 definitions]
infantry foot soldiers, or the branch of the military to which they belong.