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informative providing information, or adding to one's knowledge or understanding.
informed having, showing, or using information. [2 definitions]
informer one who secretly provides incriminating information about another, esp. for reward.
infra- beneath; below.
infraction an act or instance of breaking or violating, usu. a rule or law; violation or breach.
infra dig (informal) beneath one's dignity.
infrangible impossible to break; unbreakable. [2 definitions]
infrared the invisible electromagnetic radiation next to and longer in wavelength than those of the visible red end of the spectrum. [2 definitions]
infrasonic of, concerning, or denoting sound waves below the audible frequencies.
infrastructure the basic facilities and equipment, esp. of a technological nature, that are necessary for a system or organization to function.
infrequent happening seldom or at long intervals. [3 definitions]
infringe to cross established limits; encroach; trespass (usu. fol. by "on" or "upon"). [2 definitions]
infringement a violation or breaking, as of a law, rule, or contract. [2 definitions]
in front of directly ahead of in place or position.
in full in the complete or required amount.
in full swing at the point of greatest intensity, activity, or momentum.
infuriate to cause fury in (someone); enrage.
infuriated extremely angry; filled with fury.
infuriating causing or tending to cause great irritation or anger.
infuse to introduce or inject, as if by pouring; instill (usu. fol. by "into"). [2 definitions]
infusible1 not able to be melted or fused.