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in hock on deposit at a pawnbroker's. [2 definitions]
inhospitable of a person, group, action, or the like, not friendly or welcoming; not showing or inclined to show hospitality. [2 definitions]
inhospitality an inhospitable attitude or behavior; lack of hospitality.
in hot water (informal) in a bad situation; in trouble.
inhuman characterized by a lack of human warmth, mercy, or sympathy; cruel, brutal, or unfeeling. [3 definitions]
inhumane lacking pity, compassion, or kindness; not humane.
inhumanity lack of pity, sympathy, or kindness; cruelty. [2 definitions]
inhume to bury (a body) in the ground; inter.
inimical like an enemy; hostile. [2 definitions]
inimitable impossible to imitate, because of uniqueness or superiority.
iniquitous of, showing, or characterized by iniquity; wicked, sinful, or unjust.
iniquity great injustice or wickedness. [2 definitions]
in irons undergoing confinement or restraint, as for punishment; in shackles or fetters.
initial of the beginning; first. [4 definitions]
initially at first; in the beginning.
initiate to cause to begin; institute; originate. [4 definitions]
initiation a set of ceremonies or rituals used to formally initiate someone into a club or society. [2 definitions]
initiative the power, ability, or energy to organize or actively carry through a plan. [3 definitions]
initiatory serving to begin or introduce; initial; introductory. [2 definitions]
inject to introduce (a fluid) or introduce a fluid into (someone or something) by force or pressure, as fuel into an engine cylinder, or a medicine into a muscle or vein. [2 definitions]
injectable combined form of inject.