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in jig time (informal) very quickly; more rapidly than usual.
injudicious lacking in or poor in judgment; rash or unwise.
injunction a command or order, esp. from a court, to do or refrain from doing something; authorization or prohibition.
injure to impair; harm; damage; wound. [2 definitions]
injured having an injury; damaged; wounded. [3 definitions]
injurious tending to cause damage; harmful; hurtful. [2 definitions]
injury any damage or wrong that causes hardship or suffering. [3 definitions]
injustice the absence of justice; unfair treatment or violation of a person's rights. [2 definitions]
ink a fluid or paste, usu. in a visible color, that is used in writing or printing. [4 definitions]
inkblot a spot or stain of or like ink on paper. [2 definitions]
inkhorn formerly, a small portable container for ink, usu. made of horn. [2 definitions]
inkjet designating a printing system in which electrostatically charged drops of ink are guided by a computer program to form printed characters or images.
inkling a vague or partial idea or understanding. [2 definitions]
inkstand a small stand or tray that holds bottled ink and pens.
inkwell a small container for ink, often recessed into a desk or table top.
inky black or dark as ink. [3 definitions]
inky cap any of various mushrooms whose gills disintegrate into a dark inky liquid when they mature.
inlaid set into a surface in an ornamental design, or decorated with such an inset design.
inland of, concerning, or situated in the part of a country or region away from seacoasts or in the interior. [3 definitions]
Inland Revenue the government office responsible for assessing and collecting taxes in the UK (prec. by "the").
in-law a relative by marriage.