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in miniature in a much smaller or reduced size.
in moderation without excess; temperately.
inmost furthest in or deepest; innermost.
in mothballs out of active use; in long-term storage.
inn a small hotel that caters especially to travelers. [2 definitions]
innards (informal) the internal organs and parts of an animal; viscera. [2 definitions]
innate belonging to or existing in someone or some organism from the time of birth; inborn. [3 definitions]
inner situated inside. [4 definitions]
inner circle a small, exclusive group of influential people.
inner city the neighborhoods in or closest to the center of a city, usu. old, run-down, and inhabited by poor and disadvantaged people.
inner-directed motivated and directed by one's own personal beliefs and principles and not by those of society.
inner ear the part of the ear inside the skull, which includes the vestibule, the cochlea, and the semicircular canals, and plays a role in hearing and in maintaining balance.
Inner Light the guiding force of God that Quakers believe exists in every human soul.
innermost farthest inside. [2 definitions]
innerspring mattress a mattress having enclosed coil springs that support the padding.
inner tube an inflated rubber tube inside a tire.
innervate to supply (a part of the body) with nerves. [2 definitions]
inning the segment of a baseball or softball game during which each side has a turn at batting. [3 definitions]
innkeeper the owner or manager of an inn.
innocence the quality or condition of being innocent. [5 definitions]
innocent free from corruption or knowledge of evil. [6 definitions]