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inside-out having the inner surface facing outwards.
insider one with privileged knowledge or access to it. [2 definitions]
insider trading the often illegal buying or selling of company stock based on information that is not made public.
inside track the shorter inside path on a curved racetrack. [2 definitions]
insidious dangerous through cunning, subtlety, and underhandedness. [2 definitions]
insight the power of mind to grasp an essential meaning or truth. [2 definitions]
insightful keenly perceptive.
insignia a badge, button, emblem, or the like that indicates membership in a certain group. [2 definitions]
insignificant having no value, importance, or significance; trivial. [3 definitions]
insincere exhibiting false or dishonest feelings or opinions; hypocritical.
insincerity the quality of being insincere; deceitfulness or hypocrisy. [2 definitions]
insinuate to suggest (something derogatory) subtly and indirectly. [4 definitions]
insinuation a sly hint or suggestion, esp. a derogatory or malicious one. [2 definitions]
insipid not interesting; dull. [2 definitions]
insist to be firm and unyielding about something (often fol. by "on"). [4 definitions]
insistence the fact of insisting or quality of being insistent.
insistent firm in requesting, demanding, or asserting; unyielding. [3 definitions]
in situ (Latin) in its original place.
insobriety lack of sobriety or moderation; intemperance.
insofar to such extent or degree (usu. fol. by "as").
in so far as to the extent that.