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inspiration a thing or person that motivates or uplifts; that which inspires. [4 definitions]
inspirational of, concerning, causing, or caused by inspiration.
inspire to arouse feelings of exaltation in. [7 definitions]
inspiring causing an elevation in one's desire to accomplish or create something, or to make a positive change in one's life or attitude.
inspirit to fill with spirit or courage; hearten.
inspissate to thicken, as by evaporation; condense.
in spite of regardless of; notwithstanding.
inst. abbreviation of "institute" or "institution."
instability the state or quality of being unsteady or unstable; lack of stability.
instable unstable.
install to put (a machine, system, or the like) into position and make ready for use. [3 definitions]
installation the act of installing or condition of being installed. [3 definitions]
installment1 one of the successive parts in which something is paid, written, or supplied at regular intervals.
installment2 the act of installing or condition of being installed; installation.
installment plan a credit system, esp. in the United States, by which consumer goods can be paid for in installments.
instance an occasion, case, or example. [2 definitions]
instant an extremely brief space of time; moment. [7 definitions]
instantaneous happening or done immediately or at the same instant.
instanter in law, immediately; instantly.
instantiate to serve as or provide a concrete example, embodiment, or evidence of (something abstract).
instantly at once; without delay; immediately.