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intensifier something or someone that intensifies. [2 definitions]
intensify to make stronger, more acute, or more intense. [2 definitions]
intensity the quality of being intense. [4 definitions]
intensive of, marked by, or relating to intensity. [5 definitions]
intent1 conscious plan; aim; intention. [2 definitions]
intent2 highly concentrated in attention; focused. [3 definitions]
intention a decided course of action; plan. [4 definitions]
intentional done on purpose; deliberate; premeditated. [2 definitions]
intently with fixed, steady attention.
inter to bury in a grave or tomb.
inter- among; between. [2 definitions]
interact of two or more people, to act in conjunction with and in response to one another in a particular situation; or, of one person, to act in conjunction with and in response to another person or persons. [2 definitions]
interaction action each upon the other or others; reciprocal action, influence, or effect.
interactive acting or able to act with one another or upon one another. [2 definitions]
interactive whiteboard a large electronic display surface that is positioned on a wall or stand and connected with a computer and projector, allowing for the projection of a computer's screen onto the display. As the display is sensitive to touch, a user can direct the computer and control what is seen on the board by touching the surface with a stylus, finger, or the like.
inter-African combined form of African.
interagency combined form of agency.
inter alia (Latin) among other things.
interallelic combined form of allelic.
inter-American combined form of American.
interannual combined form of annual.