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interbasin combined form of basin.
interbehavior combined form of behavior.
interbehavioral combined form of behavioral.
interborough combined form of borough.
interbranch combined form of branch.
interbreed to cause to breed with an individual of a different kind or species; crossbreed. [4 definitions]
intercalary of a day or month, inserted into the calendar to bring the calendar year into correspondence with the solar year. [2 definitions]
intercalate to insert (an extra day or month) in the calendar. [2 definitions]
intercalibration combined form of calibration.
intercampus combined form of campus.
intercaste combined form of caste.
intercede to act as a mediator in a dispute or disagreement. [2 definitions]
intercell combined form of cell.
intercellular between or among cells.
intercept to stop or seize, thereby interrupting the movement or progress of. [5 definitions]
interception the act of intercepting or the condition of being intercepted. [2 definitions]
interceptor any person or thing that interrupts the movement or progress of something; anyone or anything that intercepts. [2 definitions]
intercession an act or instance of mediating or intervening in a dispute. [2 definitions]
intercessor one who intercedes.
interchange to exchange the positions of (two things). [5 definitions]
interchangeable of two things, able to be put or used in place of each other. [2 definitions]