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interdigitate to interlace or interlock, as the fingers of both hands.
interdisciplinary involving, joining, or combining two or more fields of study.
interdistrict combined form of district.
interdivisional combined form of divisional.
interelectrode combined form of electrode.
interelectron combined form of electron.
interelectronic combined form of electronic.
interepidemic combined form of epidemic.
interest curiosity about, involvement in, or concern about something. [7 definitions]
interested having or showing curiosity, concern, or attention. [2 definitions]
interest group an organized group of individuals working together for a common cause, often formed to influence public policy or support the rights of a specific segment of the population.
interesting causing attention to or concern about; provoking interest or curiosity.
interest rate the rate at which interest is paid. An interest rate is expressed as a percent.
interethnic combined form of ethnic.
interface a plane or surface that represents a common boundary between two bodies or regions. [7 definitions]
interfaculty combined form of faculty.
interfaith between, among, or involving adherents of different religious faiths.
interfamilial combined form of familial.
interfamily combined form of family.
interfere to be or come between with the effect of hampering or impeding (usu. fol. by "with"). [5 definitions]
interference the act or repeated actions of disrupting or making progress difficult. [4 definitions]