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interfold to fold (one) inside (the other); fold together.
interfraternity combined form of fraternity.
interfuse to pour or pass between, into, or through; infuse. [3 definitions]
intergalactic of, relating to, or located in the space between galaxies.
intergeneration combined form of generation.
intergenerational of, involving, or occurring between persons of different generations.
intergeneric combined form of generic.
interglacial occurring between periods of glaciation. [2 definitions]
intergranular combined form of granular.
intergroup between, among, or involving different social, ethnic, religious, or other groups.
interhemispheric combined form of hemispheric.
interim the interval of time between two events. [2 definitions]
interindividual combined form of individual.
interindustry combined form of industry.
interinstitutional combined form of institutional.
interior being inside or within. [7 definitions]
interior angle any of the angles formed by a line that intersects two parallel lines. [2 definitions]
interior decoration the decorating and furnishing of home and office interiors, esp. as a business or profession.
interior design the act, art, or business of designing the interiors of homes and offices, often including interior decoration.
interiorize to absorb (a value, idea, or the like), understand completely, and make one's own.
interior monologue in literature, material that expresses a character's inner thoughts, often presented in stream-of-consciousness narrative.