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interlining1 a lining between the ordinary lining of a garment and its outer fabric.
interlining2 any written material that is inserted between existing lines of print or writing.
interlink to link together; interconnect.
interlobular combined form of lobular.
interlocal combined form of local.
interlock to come together in a coordinated way, as the intermeshed parts of a machine. [5 definitions]
interlocking directorate directors holding membership on more than one board of companies that are not competitors.
interlocutor one who participates in a conversation or dialogue.
interlocutory of, or pertaining to conversation or dialogue. [2 definitions]
interlope to interfere in others' affairs; meddle. [2 definitions]
interloper a person who intrudes in the affairs of others; meddler.
interlude a pause, space, or event that intervenes; interval. [3 definitions]
intermarginal combined form of marginal.
intermarriage marriage between two people who are of different racial, ethnic, or religious backgrounds. [2 definitions]
intermarry to marry a member of another racial or ethnic group, religion, or the like. [3 definitions]
intermediary a person who acts as an agent or mediator between persons, groups, or the like; go-between. [4 definitions]
intermediate being or occurring between two things, stages, positions, persons, or the like; being in the middle. [4 definitions]
intermembrane combined form of membrane.
intermenstrual combined form of menstrual.
interment the act or ritual of placing in a grave or tomb; burial.
intermezzo a short, light musical or dramatic piece performed between the acts of a play or opera. [3 definitions]