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interpretative explanatory; informative. [4 definitions]
interprofessional combined form of professional.
interprovincial combined form of provincial.
interpsychic combined form of psychic.
interracial of, pertaining to, or involving people of different races.
interregional combined form of regional.
interregnum the interval between the end of one reign or regime and the start of another. [3 definitions]
interrelate to place in or come into a shared, mutual, or reciprocal relationship.
interrelated mutually related.
interreligious combined form of religious.
interrenal combined form of renal.
interrogate to question at length and thoroughly, often for an official purpose.
interrogation the act or an instance of interrogating or of being interrogated.
interrogation mark see "question mark."
interrogative in grammar, of, relating to, forming, or being a question. [4 definitions]
interrogative sentence a sentence that asks a question. "Have you read this book?" is an example of an interrogative sentence.
interrogatory containing or communicating a question; interrogative. [2 definitions]
interrupt to cause to stop; break off. [4 definitions]
interruption the act of interrupting or the state of being interrupted. [2 definitions]
interscholastic among or between different schools.
intersect to cut across or pass through; cross. [3 definitions]