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in vain to no purpose; without substantial or lasting effect. [2 definitions]
invalid1 one who is ill or disabled, esp. chronically. [4 definitions]
invalid2 without legal or factual force or effect; not valid; void. [2 definitions]
invalidate to make invalid; deprive of force or effect.
invaluable having value too great to estimate or measure; priceless.
invariable not subject to change or variation; consistently the same. [2 definitions]
invariably without ever a change; on every occasion.
invasion an act of entering into the territory of others with the intention of overtaking; an act or instance of invading. [4 definitions]
invasive harmfully overspreading or penetrating, often quickly and aggressively. [3 definitions]
invasive species a non-native species of plant or animal that spreads aggressively in new areas and forces out native plants and animals.
invective strongly abusive or denunciatory speech or language. [3 definitions]
inveigh to utter angry or bitter complaints or criticism; protest vigorously (usu. fol. by "against").
inveigle to entice or ensnare by clever talk or flattery (usu. fol. by "into"). [2 definitions]
invent to think of, contrive, or create (something new). [2 definitions]
invention the act or process of inventing. [5 definitions]
inventive adept at thinking up new ideas or at devising new objects or methods; imaginative. [2 definitions]
inventor one who invents, esp. a new device, process, or the like.
inventory a complete, often detailed list of things in one's possession or in a particular place. [5 definitions]
inveracity untruthfulness; dishonesty; mendacity. [2 definitions]
inverse opposite or reversed in position, order, direction, nature, or effect. [3 definitions]
inversely in opposite order, direction, effect, or nature.