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inverter that which inverts or converts to an opposite, esp. an electric converter for transforming direct current into alternating current.
invest to put (money or property) into use with the intention of gaining profit or interest. [4 definitions]
investable combined form of invest.
investigate to systematically examine or search into. [2 definitions]
investigation the act of investigating or condition of being investigated. [2 definitions]
investigative of, relating to, or characterized by investigation.
investigator a person who makes a careful search for information usually in order to answer a question.
investiture the act or process of endowing, as with a rank or office.
investment the act or process of investing. [3 definitions]
investment bank a financial institution in which the underwriting and marketing of security issues is the chief business.
investment company a company or trust that issues its own securities against the investments it makes in other companies.
investor one who invests, esp. one who invests at low risk for long-term profit. (Cf. speculator.)
inveterate persisting in a habit, action, feeling, or the like. [2 definitions]
invidious tending to arouse feelings of resentment or animosity, esp. because of a slight; offensive or discriminatory.
in view of taking into account; considering.
invigorate to fill with energy, strength, or vigor.
invigorating giving or causing a feeling of being filled with energy or strength.
invigoration the act of filling with strength, energy, or vitality; stimulation. [2 definitions]
invincible too strong to be defeated, overcome, or surmounted.
in vino veritas (Latin) in wine there is truth.
inviolable absolutely not to be violated or profaned. [2 definitions]