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ionosphere layers of the earth's atmosphere located above the stratosphere from about thirty to two hundred and fifty miles above the earth's surface, and composed of rarefied gases that have been ionized by radiation from the sun.
iota the name of the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet. [2 definitions]
IOU a signed paper acknowledging a debt and often bearing these letters, meaning "I owe you".
-ious full of; having the characteristics of; having.
Iowa a Midwestern U.S. state between Illinois and Nebraska. (abbr.: IA) [3 definitions]
IP in computing, an abbreviation for Internet protocol, one of the main Internet communications protocols, which specifies the format of transmitted data and routing information.
iPad trademark for a tablet computer developed and sold by Apple, Inc.
ipecac either of two tropical South American plants related to madder, coffee, and gardenia, whose roots are used medicinally. [2 definitions]
iPhone trademark for a type of mobile telephone that includes an internet browser, camera, and music player.
iPod trademark for a pocket-sized digital audio player with a large storage capacity, primarily used to collect and play back downloaded digital music files.
ipomoea a plant of the morning glory family that has heart-shaped leaves and bears showy flowers. [2 definitions]
ipsative using a person's own assessment of his or her qualities, knowledge, or skills rather than using testing measures that allow comparison of an individual with others or with a set standard. (Cf. normative.)
ipse dixit (Latin) he himself said it; an unproven or dogmatic assertion.
ipsilateral pertaining to, situated on, or affecting the same side of the body.
ipso facto (Latin) by that fact itself.
IQ abbreviation of "intelligence quotient," a representation of mental age as determined by intelligence tests.
Ir symbol of the chemical element iridium.
ir-1 in; into. [2 definitions]
ir-2 not; without.
IRA abbreviation of "Individual Retirement Account."
I.R.A. abbreviation of "Irish Republican Army."