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ironbound as though bound with iron; stern or rigid. [2 definitions]
ironclad as though covered in iron armor; unbreakable and inflexible. [3 definitions]
iron curtain (sometimes cap.) the barrier to free communication and exchange of information which was attributed by Western nations to the secrecy and censorship of the Soviet Union after World War II.
iron hand harsh or tight control, as by a despot.
ironic being, showing, pertaining to, or marked by irony. [2 definitions]
ironically in an ironic manner. [2 definitions]
ironing the act or activity of pressing clothes with a hot iron. [2 definitions]
ironing board a long, narrow, padded board, usu. with one tapered end and a collapsible stand, on which laundry is ironed.
iron lung a large metal chamber in which the body can be enclosed up to the neck, that maintains artificial respiration by means of alternating pulses of high and low pressure, used esp. for polio victims.
iron maiden a medieval instrument of torture consisting of a coffinlike case in which a victim was impaled on spikes.
ironmonger (chiefly British) a merchant who sells household tools, equipment, and other hardware.
ironmonger's (chiefly British) a shop where household tools, equipment, and other hardware items are sold; hardware store.
iron out to clear up or smooth out (difficulties, conflicts, or the like).
iron pyrites pyrite; fool's gold.
irons in the fire projects or undertakings.
ironstone any of several iron ores containing impurities of silica and clay. [2 definitions]
ironware pots, utensils, and other small articles made of iron.
ironweed any of a group of plants with a hard stem and clusters of small, purplish flowers.
ironwood any of various trees, such as the hornbeam, that have very hard, heavy wood. [2 definitions]
ironwork articles or constructions decorated with or made wholly or partly of iron, as stair railings or garden furniture.
ironworks (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a foundry in which iron is smelted, cast, and wrought into heavy iron goods.