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ironware pots, utensils, and other small articles made of iron.
ironweed any of a group of plants with a hard stem and clusters of small, purplish flowers.
ironwood any of various trees, such as the hornbeam, that have very hard, heavy wood. [2 definitions]
ironwork articles or constructions decorated with or made wholly or partly of iron, as stair railings or garden furniture.
ironworks (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a foundry in which iron is smelted, cast, and wrought into heavy iron goods.
irony a manner of using language so that it conveys a different or opposite meaning to that which is literally expressed in the words themselves. Irony is used in ordinary conversation and also as a literary technique, especially to express criticism or to produce humor or pathos. [3 definitions]
Iroquoian a family of languages spoken by the Iroquois tribes. [3 definitions]
Iroquois a member of an American Indian confederacy of New York State that includes the Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca, and Tuscarora tribes. [3 definitions]
irradiate to expose to radiation, esp. as a medical treatment. [3 definitions]
irradiation emission of electromagnetic radiation, or the state of being exposed to such radiation. [2 definitions]
irrational lacking in reason, sense, or judgment. [3 definitions]
irreclaimable impossible to reclaim, redeem, or reform.
irreconcilable not capable of being brought into harmony or agreement; incompatible. [2 definitions]
irrecoverable not capable of being recovered or regained; irretrievable. [2 definitions]
irredeemable not capable of being bought back or paid off; not redeemable. [3 definitions]
irredentist a person who advocates annexing or recovering territories bordering his or her own country, because their populations have strong ties to his or her country's people.
irreducible not capable of being reduced to a simpler or smaller condition, form, or quantity.
irrefragable impossible to refute or dispute; undeniable.
irrefutable impossible to refute or disprove; indisputable.
irregular uneven in shape, arrangement, surface, or the like. [10 definitions]
irregularity the condition or quality of being irregular. [3 definitions]