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irremissible not subject to forgiveness; unpardonable. [2 definitions]
irremovable impossible to remove or obliterate.
irreparable impossible to repair, restore, or rectify.
irreplaceable impossible to replace or duplicate.
irrepressible impossible to restrain, suppress, or keep under control.
irreproachable not deserving blame or criticism; blameless or faultless.
irresistible impossible to withstand or resist.
irresolute uncertain or wavering.
irrespective of without consideration for; regardless of.
irresponsible having or showing a lack of responsibility. [3 definitions]
irresponsive responding slowly or not at all, as to medical treatment; unresponsive.
irretrievable impossible to recover or repair.
irreverence lack of reverence or respect, or an act or utterance that displays this lack.
irreverent not having or showing reverence or respect. [2 definitions]
irreversible impossible to reverse, turn back, or alter.
irrevocable impossible to take back, undo, or cancel.
irrigable able to be irrigated.
irrigate to water by artificial means, as by pumping and spraying, or by man-made channels from a natural source of water. [2 definitions]
irrigation the supplying of water to land by man-made means to aid in growing crops. [2 definitions]
irritability the quality or condition of being irritable or easily angered. [2 definitions]
irritable easily annoyed or angered. [2 definitions]