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isogamete either of a pair of uniting gametes that are similar in their size, structure, activity, and the like. (Cf. heterogamete.)
isogenous of the same or similar origin; corresponding genetically, as the parts derived from the same tissues of an embryo.
isogonic of, pertaining to, or having equal angles; equiangular. [3 definitions]
isolate to set apart from other things or people. [3 definitions]
isolated apart from other persons or things; remote. [3 definitions]
isolation the act of isolating or state of being isolated. [3 definitions]
isolationism a policy or doctrine whereby a nation or country elects not to involve itself in the affairs of other nations or countries.
isolationist of, pertaining to, or in accordance with a policy or doctrine whereby a nation or country elects not to involve itself in the affairs of other nations or countries. [2 definitions]
isoleucine an amino acid, essential in the diet of humans and other animals, that is found in proteins.
isomer a chemical compound that has the same kind and number of atoms as one or more other compounds, but differs from them in structural or spatial arrangement of the atoms and therefore in its properties. [2 definitions]
isomerous having an equal number of parts or markings. [2 definitions]
isometric having or displaying equal measurements or dimensions. [4 definitions]
isomorph an object, organism, compound, or set that is similar in form or appearance to another, although different in other properties, such as origin. [2 definitions]
isomorphic of different origins but similar in form and appearance, as some biological organisms. [2 definitions]
isooctane a highly flammable hydrocarbon liquid that is used as the standard to establish the octane numbers of fuels.
isopod any of various crustaceans of land, sea, or fresh water that have seven pairs of legs and a flattish body. [2 definitions]
isoprene a colorless, volatile, liquid compound distilled from raw rubber or manufactured synthetically, used mainly to make synthetic rubber.
isosceles of a two-dimensional figure with straight sides, having two equal sides.
isosceles triangle a triangle with two sides that are equal in length.
isotherm a line on a weather map or chart that connects all points on the earth's surface that have the same average temperature over a specified period, or the same temperature at a given time.
isothermal of, related to, or designating equal temperatures or changes occurring at constant temperatures. [3 definitions]