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jackbooted marked by bullying brutality, as police or military tactics against civilians.
jackdaw a shiny black bird originating in Europe and related to the crow.
jacket a short coat that extends to the waist or hip, used as an outer garment or as part of a suit. [3 definitions]
jacketless combined form of jacket.
Jack Frost the personification of frost or cold weather.
jackfruit a fast-growing, tropical, Asian tree that produces very large, edible fruits and wood that can be used in construction and in making furniture and other items. [2 definitions]
jackhammer a hand-held device powered by compressed air, used to drill rock, cement, or the like; pneumatic drill.
Jackie Robinson born Jack Roosevelt Robinson, U.S. professional baseball player who in 1947 became the first African American to play in major league baseball (b.1919--d.1972).
jack-in-the-box a toy consisting of a box from which a puppet springs up when the lid is opened.
jack-in-the-pulpit a North American wildflower having a single vertical spike with a green and purple sheath that forms a hood over its top.
Jack Jefferies U.S. three-time world champion formation skydiver (b.1966).
jackknife a large pocketknife whose blade can be folded into the handle. [2 definitions]
jacklight a light used as a lure in hunting or fishing at night. [2 definitions]
jack mackerel a mackerellike food fish of the jack family that is found in Pacific coastal waters.
jack-of-all-trades someone skilled at a wide variety of jobs, esp. those requiring adept use of the hands.
jack off (vulgar slang) to masturbate.
jack-o'-lantern a traditional Halloween lamp made from a pumpkin by removing the pulp, carving a face through the shell, and placing a candle in the bottom.
jack pine an evergreen tree of Canada and the northern United States, having short twisted needles in pairs, woody cones, and soft wood used for paper.
jackpot stakes that accumulate until they are won, esp. in poker. [2 definitions]
jack rabbit any of several large hares found in the western United States, characterized by long ears and very long, strong hind legs.
jackscrew a jack in which the lifting surface is threaded on and operated by a vertical screw.