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jeopardize to cause to be in danger or at risk; imperil.
jeopardy danger, as of harm, death, or loss; peril.
jerboa any of a number of small African and Asian rodents that have long rear legs adapted for jumping.
jeremiad a long complaint about life or one's situation; lamentation.
Jeremiah a major Hebrew prophet of the seventh and sixth centuries B.C. [2 definitions]
jerk1 any sudden or unexpected and uneven motion. [5 definitions]
jerk2 to cure (meat that has been cut into thin strips) by drying.
jerkin a short, tight, usu. leather jacket resembling a vest.
jerkline a rope used in place of reins to guide a large team of horses.
jerk off (vulgar slang) to masturbate.
jerkwater (informal) unsophisticated, backward, or insignificant.
jerky1 characterized by sudden starts and stops or other abrupt movements.
jerky2 beef or venison that has been preserved by being cut into long strips and dried.
jeroboam a large wine bottle that holds about four fifths of a gallon or about three liters.
Jerome Relocation Center a U.S. internment camp located in southeastern Arkansas that was built for the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. At its peak in late 1942, there were 8,500 people forcibly living there. After it was closed, the Jerome Center was converted into a holding camp for German prisoners of war.
jerry-build to build in a cheap, shoddy manner. [2 definitions]
jerry-built built in a cheap, shoddy manner. [2 definitions]
jerry can a flat-sided, narrow five-gallon container for liquids, esp. gasoline.
jersey a pullover knitted shirt, as is often worn by athletes. [3 definitions]
Jerusalem the capital of Israel.
Jerusalem artichoke a North American sunflower with yellow, rayed flowers and tuberous roots that are eaten as a vegetable. [2 definitions]