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jibe3 (informal) to be consistent or in agreement.
jiffy (informal) a very short time; instant.
jig1 a device used to hold material being cut, tooled, or the like, or to guide a tool. [4 definitions]
jig2 any of a number of fast, lively dances. [5 definitions]
jigger1 someone or something that jigs. [3 definitions]
jigger2 a chigger.
jiggermast the short mast in the stern of a ketch or yawl; mizzenmast. [2 definitions]
jiggle to move or cause to move jerkily up and down or back and forth. [2 definitions]
jigsaw a usu. electrically powered saw that can be used to cut curved patterns or sharp corners. [3 definitions]
jigsaw puzzle a puzzle consisting of a picture or design that has been cut into pieces of different shapes, which must be put together to reassemble the picture. The puzzle is usually made of cardboard or wood, and the pieces typically interlock.
jihad a holy war against enemies of Islam, undertaken by Muslims as a duty. [2 definitions]
jilt to break off relations with (a lover, fiancée, or the like) esp. without good cause.
Jim Crow (informal, sometimes l.c.) the set of laws and practices in the U.S., particularly in evidence in the South, that enforced or sanctioned segregation of and discrimination against black Americans during the period between the late 1870s and the 1960s.
Jim-Crow (informal, sometimes l.c.) enforcing or promoting discrimination against or the segregation of black Americans in the United States, particularly in the South during the period beginning in the late 1870s and extending into the 1960s. [2 definitions]
jim-dandy (informal) excellent, pleasing, or of high quality. [2 definitions]
Jimmies trademark for small chocolate sprinkles eaten esp. on ice cream.
jimmy a small crowbar often used by burglars. [2 definitions]
Jimmy Carter U.S. statesman, the 39th U.S. President (1977-1981) and 83rd Governor of Georgia (1971-1975); born James Earl Carter, Jr. (b.1924).
Jimmy McDaniel U.S. tennis player, who, in a match against Don Budge in 1940, was the first African American to play a white champion (b. 1917).
jimson weed a poisonous annual of the nightshade family with foul-smelling leaves, prickly fruit, and trumpet-shaped purplish or white flowers.
jingle to produce a sound as of light metal objects striking against each other repeatedly. [5 definitions]